Thursday, August 30, 2007

Video Games?

According to the various readings, the definition of a videogame is clearly not as black and white as one would anticipte. What is so funny about this is that one wouldn't expect such from just the idea of a video - it's something most would just use and not think twice about. But on all of these websites, many are really questioning and exploring what makes a video game just that - with no clear or unanimous answer.
Most authors agree that a videogame is a device used to simulate an alternate or imaginary world with its own rules and regulations being observed and participated in by third party players through a console or electronic monitor - computer screen, television, handheld device, etc. Each link approaches the idea in a different manner and reaches many conclusions - while wikipedia explores the basic history and social response to videogames, many authors and people explore the origins of gaming and what constitutes a video game.
What is so interesting is that there is no clear-cut response. Yes, a videogame is a game played through an electronic device, but so many factors complicate the issue. One must try to distinguish whether or not a game must have a goal or whether there has to be a clearcut winner or loser, what type of console (computer or television) makes a videogame a videogame, and how much of a social community it may attract ends its definition as "videogame."
My own personal conclusion is still somewhat scattered. I personally believe that with our ever-changing society and with new technology, it is becoming increasingly harder to really put boundaries on what is a black and white definition. Each author and source seems to be unsure on how to explain and define it - what was once a simple game with set rules and an electronic simulation now has expanded to entire communities where people interact virtually - without rules. In my opinion, I would like to encompass all of this virtual reality and society into an umbrella term of "videogame," but I myself question whether or not I am cheapening it and therefore, not doing it justice, with such a simple response. We'll all have to see.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First class...first blog...musings...

What is a videogame?

I never really was prone to playing them as a child - the hand-eye coordination was never one of my stronger attributes so trying to put Sonya Blade in a headlock and crush her throat during Mortal Kombat was about as easy to me as learning to speak French overnight. Not that I've ever tried to learn a foreign language overnight. But I imagine it's difficult.

So yeah. I get the concept of video games. A virtual reality controlled world that many adults enjoy as children. Just never something I've been prone to playing. Maybe that will change.