Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Computer Mediated Communication....

According to both texts, it appears as though computer mediated communication is another way to communicate, beyond the verbal and written word - an interactive form of communication that is done over the medium of the computer. Used in day to day life through AIM, iChat, Facebook, e-mail - all of these are forms of computer mediated communication.

According to Oldenburg:

- they are neutral ground;
- they are a leveler;
- conversation is the main activity;
- they are accessible;
- as a home away from home, they have 'regulars'; and
- the mood is playful.

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Kim Gregson said...

what i've graded so far - 2 rl observations (20/20) and 2 sl observations (20/20)

are you seeing anything htat might make a good paper topic for hte first paper - you've visited a variety of clubs - anything stand out?