Sunday, September 23, 2007

Observation Practice Revisited...

Unfortunately, as I observed a place that was off campus - I couldn't go back to look in the Albany bus station again - so I went to the pub to observe some students silently and try to draw conclusions.

At 10pm on a Sunday night, the "Pub" was relatively quiet. There was a table in the center with a four students, or so I assume, in sweatpants and relaxed clothing, hanging out with their laptops and notebooks out. They seemed to be in deep discussion - the books and laptops were ignored.

I automatically assumed they were ignoring their work and talking about something casual - like the weekend's events and whatnot. Upon further observation, however, I concluded they may be discussing the actual homework - perhaps they were working on a group project or assignment. I assumed they were dressed down because of the weekend, hangover clothes - but I could just be passing judgments and making stereotypes. Their other clothes may be in the wash - Sunday is laundry day, after all.

Other than that small group were a few random students situated by themselves around the outskirts of the pub, all with laptops (mostly macbooks) staring intently and typing. Probably doing work.

PS I assumed they were doing work, but as I was leaving, I passed one girl and managed to peek at her screen. She was typing very intently on AIM and facebook. Guess you can't just make judgments.

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