Sunday, October 21, 2007

Second Life treasure hunt

Tonight, when looking at educational events, I was surprised to find a Treasure Hunt under the tab.

In the spirit of Halloween, the Treasure Quest Hunters group organizes a newbie Treasure hunt for Second Life users to get acclimated and moving around the the Second Life world.

As the group moderator explained to new players, this how the Treasure Hunt works.

[19:17] Calypso Llewellyn: -*- Ahoy Me Hearties, welcome to the Treasure Quest, if its treasure your after you found the right crew.
[19:17] Calypso Llewellyn: -*- We pirates have a few suggestions that might make this easier for you.
[19:17] Calypso Llewellyn: -*- The hunt is easier if you have joined the group - just ask if you need an invitation...
[19:17] Calypso Llewellyn: -*- It means we can help wherever you are.
[19:17] Calypso Llewellyn: -*- You'll recieve a notecard with a tp and somewhere near to where you land you'll find treasure!
[19:17] Calypso Llewellyn: -*- Good luck maties, look out for enemy pirate ships and beware of walking on planks!
[19:17] Calypso Llewellyn: -*- If you have any questions or need any help dont hesitate to ask, we pirates aren't as scary as we look!!!

"Treasure Quest is a new and unique scavenger hunt, exclusive to SL! As you travel from Sim to Sim, you will encounter many locations, where you solve the clues and you find the hidden treasure! Our last Quest covered 35 locations, varying from clothing merchants, home d├ęcor, jewelers, and costumers, to tattoo artists, the UFO Watch tower and clubs!"

It's also for a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which is a very good cause.

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