Monday, October 1, 2007

Particpant/Direct Observations

The two different types of research being studied are participant observation and direct observation. The main difference is that participant observation includes taking part and watching how people respond and react to you while you're a part of the study. In direct observation, you don't actually take part, just watch what other people are doing and saying - like a fly on the wall. In both however, you are watching with a purpose.


Jeff said...

This definition is basically exactly what I said except more eloquent. I'm hoping that the actual definition is correct, because if it isn't then we're both in trouble. I like your comparison to direct observation being a 'fly on the wall.'

Jeff said...

sincerely, aurora

Jeff said...

Second-to-last sentence:
"In direct observation, you don't take part, but rather watch what other people do and say - like a fly on the wall." Nothing sounds too awkward or incorrect.